Our Swag Story

We believe everything is better in storyform... So, once upon a time, in a far away place called Cincinnati, Ohio, our team started putting logos on merchandise for companies. We must have done a really good job because they told a BUNCH of people... and it was off to the races! With no website or social media presence we served some of the largest companies in the United States for over 8 years. In 2018 we rediscovered what our purpose was and reimagined a future where our mission was to help brands and to serve people in big ways. Out of this new mindset SWAGBOX was born. 

It's easy to slap a logo on merchandise, but it's difficult to create a meaningful experience that enhances the connection of Brands to People (and that's just what we do!). 

We're the women and men behind the curtain to help you look *amazing*. We thrive on creating those moments of Brand-Love that your customers, employees and prospects will notice and remember.

Thank you for the opportunity to help craft your brand voice by using the only marketing medium that touches all 5 senses. We look forward to serving you.

Brooke, Brad and the Swagbox Crew

"We enhance the connection of brands to people with quality, meaningful branded merchandise aka... Swag!"


- Brad Rhodus, Co-founder, SWAGBOX